Control and monitoring of coal feeding - Теплоцентраль Tábor a.s.

Технические средства: 1x OS (Panel PC Advantech, ОС Windows XP Professional)
управляющая станция: 1x PLC GE-Fanuc (Ethernet TCP/IP), GE OPC server.
Дата ввода в эксплуатацию: 2007
Application designer/company название: MPC System, společnost s r.o.
Control and monitoring of coal-feeding lines for boilers. Complete control and monitoring of line status, supervising the coal levels in containers. :
Controlling three coal-feeding lines for boilers. Control and status signalling of conveyor belts, lift-up carts, drop-off ploughs. Monitoring the coal levels in containers, storage statistics. Signalisation of error states of switchroom, belts, ploughs, shutters, и т.д. Failure signals, value тренды. The communication between the PC and the PLC is done by the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol via the GE OPC server. The control PC is equipped with touch panel and is located in the coal-feeding switch room.

Размер аппликации: aprox. 1300 variables.

- Control and monitoring of coal feeding - Теплоцентраль Tábor a.s.
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