Control and monitoring of coal feeding - Plzeňská energetika a.s.

Технические средства: 2x OS (PC DELL Precision 390, ОС Windows XP Professional, 2x monitor)
управляющая станция: 3x PLC Simatic S7-317(TCP/IP), 4 x I/O Turck (Profibus), Softnet OPC server
Дата ввода в эксплуатацию: 2007
Application designer/company название: MPC System, společnost s r.o.
Controlling and monitoring the coal feeding of the boilers. Complete control and monitoring of the conveyor belts, checking the coal levels in storage. The login system is based on access cards.
The communication between the PC and PLC is done by the Ethernet TCP/IP protokol by the Softnet OPC server.
Controlling three coal-feeding lines for boilers. Control and status signalling of conveyor belts, lift-up carts, drop-off ploughs, dividing shutters. Monitoring the coal levels in containers, storage statistics. Signalisation of error states of switchroom, belts, ploughs, shutters, и т.д. Failure signals, value тренды. The system consists of two independent oparator stations (common PC - Dell, containing graphic card with two video output connectors - two monitor application), one is placed in the main control room and the second in the coal-feeding control room. Each operator station has access card reader (used for user login), connected to the serial port of the PC and communicates with the PROMOTIC software via a special OPC server.
Размер аппликации: approx. 2900 variables, 2x PROMOTIC Runtime licence, 2x PmOPC.
- Control and monitoring of coal feeding - Plzeňská energetika a.s.
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