Remote temperature reading and heat nodes monitoring system with remote management - Apator Telemetria (Польша)

Технические средства: 1xPC (ОС Windows XP)
управляющая станция: Kamstrup: Multical I,II,III, 66C, Compact, Apator LQM, Aquatherm Supercal: 430, 431, 432; Landis&Gyr WSD, Danfoss EEM-C; Praterm Z-Elektronik, Siemens RVD-240/230, Danfoss ECL 200/300; Landis RVP-97
Реализация: Apator Telemetria, Słupsk
Дата ввода в эксплуатацию: 2007
System functions:
- Reading the temperatures and water meters from 550 heat nodes
- Thermometers: Kamstrup Multical I,II,III, 66C, Compact, Apator LQM, Aquatherm Supercal 430, 431, 432; Landis&Gyr WSD, Danfoss EEM-C
- Remote pressure and temperature snanners reading
- Supply and установка of visualization application for node monitoring в системе PROMOTIC
- Remote regulator vizualization from 124 heat nodes
- Used regulators: Praterm Z-Elektronik, Siemens RVD-240/230, Danfoss ECL 200/300, Landis RVP-97
- Digitalised map creation displaying the heat network state graphically
- Database servers supply
- Supply and установка of City Network, Ciepło-WWW application
- Automatic data экспорт into the accounting software
The application collects the data and controls the PLCs manufactured by например Praterm, Danfoss nebo Siemens. The communication is transmitted via radio using the innovative WMC company telemetric system. PROMOTIC as a part of the system collects and archives the data about the current state of each node (temperature, pressure, heatmeter info - devices manufactured by например Aquatherm, Kamstrup, Siemens, Apator and water meters) into MySQL and allows to controll the regulators (automated machines operational mode switching, heating curves parameters modification, и т.д.) The data history is visualized as charts, that can be displayed using the Internet Explorer thanks to the integrated Web server. The WMC-NET company used the PmChar - Driver for communication by user defined ASCII/BIN protocol, allowing to adapt the data transfer в системе PROMOTIC to the protocol used in the radio network. Thanks to this technology it is not necessary to encapsulate the data protocols as needed for another visualisation systems.
- Remote reading and monitoring of remote nodes - Apator Telemetria
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