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Технические средства 1x PC Sever + 12x PC Client + 15x PmWebClient, MS SQL Сервер
управляющая станция 24x PLC typu Hitachi, Sprecher_Schuh, Simatic, Mitsubishi
Реализация MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.
Дата ввода в эксплуатацию 2015
Contact person Ing.Vladimír Klimant, mail:
Manufacturing info system for monitoring and evaluation of manufacturing devices (thermostat production) provides:
- Technological data processing: acquisition, validation and archving of technological and manufacturing data, events, values
- Communication with PLC devices, sensors and meters by standard communication protocols
- Monitoring and evaluation of manufacturing devices performance and devices parameter setup.
- Evaluation of device utilization and personnel performance in defined time ranges
- Entering manufacturing parameters, receptures and other
- Evaluation of number of manufactured products, device cycle time, и т.д.
- Data импорт from predefined tables and templates MS Excel
- Ordering system: entering / editing orders, record of order changes,...
- Preparation of analysis, balance, manufacturing plannig data inputs
- Archiving data into central database MS SQL Сервер, providing manufacturing history data
- Automated data экспорт into prepared forms MS Excel
- Setup of access rights and passwords
Visualization of technological data

Visualization of technology operation is provided on terminal PC stations located by the machines ("full" PROMOTIC клиент) or Web clients PROMOTIC in enterprise Intranet network

- Overview screen of main operation statuses in the production hall (layout)
- Screens indicating online values for selected machine or group of machines
- Displaying online values for selected machine
- Graphic interpretaion of values progression in time
- Screens for management and parameter setup of the system (only for a group of selected users)
- Overview and editing of codelist (product codes, machines, и т.д.)
- Possibility to add (or delete) new entry into the codelist
- Evaluation screens and reporting
The system provides complete information regarding the manufacturing process and technology operation:
- Central data сервер keeps database of all technological values, products and system parameters
- Provides optimalization of manufacturing processes and helps to decrease the costs in manufacturing enterprise
- Client visualizasion stations (Web clients) on the enterprise intranet are used for comfortable monitoring and parametrization of manufacturing, entering manufacturing projects by operators, production manager, и т.д..
Ordering system
- Management of order list to be executed on machines
a. filling in the orders by electronic forms
b. assigning to operators and machines
c. changing order of manufacturing orders or creating new orders / editing orders
- Checking order status
- Entering parameters of the order into the machine (entering parameters into the PLC device)
- Recording manufacturing time and machine shutdowns, total time, sorting by shutdown reason, sorting shutdowns by orders
- Periodical reading and evaluation of manufacturing and technological data from the PLC device:
a. quantity of OK / scrap products
b. operation time / shutdown time
c. assigning shutdown codes and reasons to machines
Monitoring of materil flow = products

The system provides monitoring of technological material flow in the manufacturing process (product movement)

Evaluation of measured data

The system allows evaluation of measured data from each machine according to:

- product type
- selected time range (shift, day, week, месяц, год, defined time-range)
- machine number (machine code)
- operator name

In output reports the technological data is evaluated according to various criteria and requirements of the operator:

- number of products in pcs: OK или SCRAP
- machine operation / shutdown
- machine shutdown reason
- number of machine shutdowns
- plannes/real utilization of machines according to logges operator (напр. shift report (8/6, 9)hour)
- in absolute/relative period напр. for shift report (8/6, 9) hour
- exports into prepared XLS
- measurement of OEE and cycle times for individual modules
- quality measurement reports
automated data filling into prepared Excel forms

Automated экспорт of manufacturing data (напр. machine shutdown codes) into prepared output reports in MS Excel format. Individual electronic forms (hourly records, checking forms и т.д.) have been created for each workstation (PC at the machine).

User system

There are multiple user types with different access rights defined in the system:

- manufacturing data viewing and evaluation
- production engineer
- system administrator with rights to set system parameters
User access to the system is protected by passwords. The system checks for operator name logging into the system. Editing user list (edit, create new, delete) can be done only by authorized personnel.
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