ADAM6060 Network (2 IP Adress)

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ADAM6060 Network (2 IP Adress)

Postby Ofer » Sun 31. Jul 2016 11:39:29


I am using 2 ADAM-6060 module and i want to communicate between them by PROMOTIC HMI.

I have N.C Button connect to DI at ADAM1 Module
and i want to turn on/off a lamp that connect to DO at ADAM2

for this communication i need 2 IP Adrress.

i want to show all status in one PROMOTIC HMI screen (PanelData)

so my question is how to do it using promotic?

hope to have a solusion
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Re: ADAM6060 Network (2 IP Adress)

Postby admin » Tue 09. Aug 2016 7:39:10


We will use your registered e-mail address to send you example application with desired functionality so you can use it for future reference.
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