General PROMOTIC forum rules (last update 29.1.2013)

This forum contains the list of rules that are obligatory for all users of PROMOTIC forum. Each user is bound to get to know these rules and respect them. (This forum is read-only)

General PROMOTIC forum rules (last update 29.1.2013)

Postby admin » Wed 30. Jan 2013 10:26:18

1. General rules

• only registered users are allowed to publish new forum posts
• the registered user name must not be similar with any existing web page (=hidden advertisement)
• the forum membership is free of charge; each member is obliged to follow the forum rules at all times
• any form of SPAM will not be tolerated; multiple replies without reasonable meaning or relation to topic may also be considered as SPAM
• it is forbidden to place any form of advertisement into the posts
• the user may be affected by reprehension, deleting the post or permanent ban for not observing the forum rules
• the fact, whether the forum rules or good manners were violated is always judged by the forum administrator or moderators; their decision is always ultimate
• these general rules may be complemented and elaborated inside each section of the forum
• the PROMOTIC forum stands firmly against spreading any illegal content. Any intentional effort of any user to spread illegal content will be solved by immediate deletion of the post followed by additional actions (reprehension, deletion, ban, etc.)

2. Publishing topics and posts

• before you place a new topic always do the search first, there is a chance that your issue has already been solved. Use the search button!
• if you create a topic, do it only once and place it into the section that is most precisely corresponding to it
• the topic title must always truly describe the intended content (include e.g. the name of PROMOTIC object or component that are concerned, communication protocol, etc..). Never use general topic titles as "Please heeeeelp!!!", "Help!", "What‘s wrong?" etc.
• never try to solve another issue within a single topic (even if it is similar); always try not to add any posts that are off-topic
• try to describe your problem in detail, it will speed up the whole process greatly bringing you the desired solution. The question “ My app is very instable. What shall I do?” is not going to help you find any solution
• please do not forget to add the information regarding your Hardware and Software into your problem description (type, configuration, version, OS, etc.)
• describe all the circumstances that led to your problem together with system error reports, warnings etc.
• if you want to add any information to your post that has not been answered yet, do not create a new post (answer yourself) but add the new information into the original post by editing it (EDIT button). You can then tag the new text by adding //EDIT, etc.
• post your replies by pushing the „POST REPLY“ button
• if there is no answer to your problem for a longer period of time, do not post the same topic repeatedly. Add the reply „Any idea?“ or „Anyone can help?“ into your topic. This way your topic will be displayed again among current topics giving you better chance to get your answer. Please do not forget that this forum is not a common chat, so do not add multiple answers to your topic in a short period of time. The frequency of updating your post once every 24 hours should not be exceeded
• if you want to add a screenshot or other image to your post, it is recommended to attach it to your post. This way the image will be saved on the PROMOTIC forum server and will always be present with your post. But if the size of the image exceeds 200 KB then use the external storage server (e.g. ImageShack, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) and insert only the link into your post
• if you want to add the PROMOTIC application (.pra file) in order to demonstrate your problem, clean it up of all unnecessary content, simplify, ZIP it and save on external storage (e.g. rapidshare, etc.), and insert only the download link into your post
• if you insert a portion of your code into the post, always use the [code] tag
• once your problem is successfully solved, mark the topic as "SOLVED". It is always polite to thank the users that helped you find the solution

3. Additional information

Although the administrators and moderators of this forum do their best in order to remove any inappropriate content as soon as possible, it is impossible to check all posts immediately. Therefore keep in mind that all posts in this forum express the personal opinions and views of their authors, not the forum administrators, moderators or the webmaster (except for their own posts) and they hold no responsibility.

By registering as user of this forum you agree not to publish any abusive, impolite, vulgar, threatening or sexually explicit posts/messages that may be considered as violating the law or offend other users. Publishing such posts may cause immediate permanent ban (and the report may also be provided to your ISP). The IP address of all posts is being archived in order to enforce the observance of these rules. By registration you also agree that the webmaster, administrators and moderators are entitled to remove, modify, move or terminate any topic at any moment they decide the rules have been violated. As a registered user you also agree that any information inserted into this forum will be stored in the internal database.

The system of this forum uses cookies for storing data on your computer. These cookies do not contain any information that you have entered into the forum. The sole purpose of the cookies is the increased user comfort while using this forum. The e-mail address you have entered is used only for confirmation of registration details (and for communication in case of password loss).

By registration you agree with all above mentioned rules.
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