PROMOTIC full basic training curriculum

Part 1.

- How to install PROMOTIC
- How to run the applications (see How to start PROMOTIC runtime application)
- Application creation

Part 2.

- INFO system
- Detecting bugs in the application, communication tuning, DEBUG window
- What is an object (properties/methods/events)
- Temperature emulation script
- local menu of script editor
- Wizard for object linking
- local variables – existence, effect on application size
- Documentation PROMOTIC
- full index
- there are references to methods/properties in examples
- property name or method name – direct link to help
- The "Object" tab (number of variables)
- the whole training is in PmFree
- The "Events" tab

Part 3.

- the PmaTrendGroup object for saving and offering also for GetData, statistics, SaveToFile, etc.
- data extension of the ExtTrend type
- trend viewer PmgTrendViewer
- trend time accuracy
- time format (local time/daylight-saving time/ always standard time)
- saving method – backups and cyclic
- saving optimalization
- simple, changing value
- based on change speed
- Alarms/Events
- data extension of the ExtAlarmAnalog type
- advantages and limitations of
- single alarm for all states
- once terminated cannot be confirmed
- data extension of the ExtAlarmBinary type
- alarms in the script
- inteligent metods ActivateNew/Inactivate
- PmaData
- example PmaData.Item("...").Value
- possible without data bindings
- Transformation and conversion methods (ToNumber, TransformValue, ArrayOper, PmBuffer ..)

Part 4.

- CreateView
- the way of opening of the PmaPanel object
- method parameters
- button for opening panels
- using in other Pmg objects – the onMousePress event
- PmaPanel
- what is it, parameters, how to open – example
- when Pmg objects exist in the PmaPanel object, how to detect
- Editor of PmaPanel graphics
- order of objects – how to set, what to use it for
- Pmg objects as objects
- access to objects in the script
- why not ot use Pmg objects in the editor of Pma objects
- Pmg x PmgW objects
- multi editing
- PmgObject – parent of Pmg objects
- Compound Pmg objects
- Methods of data input into PROMOTIC:
- other ways (example with script from documentation):
- modal window (CreateView, modal:1;)
- Types of data bindings in PROMOTIC applications:
- types of the data bindings T, E, GP and other

Part 5.

- Global methods and variables
- how to work with these in the PROMOTIC system
- method parameters with/witout "()"
- with returned value
- without returned value
- VisualBasic language, subgroup of VBScript – limitations for global Pm object
- global Pm object, Pm.Debug("time=" & Time)
- button in the panel calling method for different tests
- work in PmaWeb applications
- Access management
- Users + access rights, Logon
- List of Pmg objects:

Part 6.

- Communication
- Pm.FileText...
- do not use absolute paths but PROMOTIC path to files and folders
- working with INI, text, binary, CSV files
- PmaDll
- container for DLL library, Fce property
- can call functions, events not supported
- PmaActiveX
- container for library ActiveX, Acx property
- can use properties, methods and events of ActiveX library
- ExtOpcDa
- example of Graybox OPC simulator
- PmaComm, Ethernet
- Documentation and manuals for communication (Allen-Bradley, Simatic, ADAM, ...)
- data bindings

Part 7.

- Parameters, Prototypes/Instances
- parameters of Pma objects
- parameters in scripts
- prototypes/instances - higher level
- easy implementation of additional changes
- parameters of Pmg objects
- these parameters are evaluated during compilation
- graphic prototypes/instances
- Thin client
- principles of Web application design
- Pma objects are not accessible in Pmg object scripts
- local application (on the server), graphic panel on the client side
- accessible only via panel methods
- settings of VBScript or JavaScript for panel and scripts
- Full client
- another application (not only PROMOTIC)
- Data/Web client
- Basic concept of the PROMOTIC application
- 2 apps - communication and visualization
- Complete list of Pma objects
- PROMOTIC components
- security components: SafeOper, PmRtManager, PmUserNumber

Part 8.

- Working with databases
- database types (file vs server)
- DB usage basics
- Example of PmgWTable and PmaDatabase:
- Sales information

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