New pricelist information

The following article describes the modifications of PROMOTIC SCADA system pricelist valid from 1. 10. 2015.
The whole concept of original PROMOTIC pricelist was created more than ten years ago and reflected the current status of SCADA market and also the technological development level of PROMOTIC system itself. During the period of time that has passed the reality has changed and evolved up to the point where the modification of this pricelist became inevitable.
Great effort has been invested into the new concept of PROMOTIC pricelist in order to make it much more relevant for the current reality. The main goals of the new pricelist can be summed up in several points: simplicity, understandability, application size limits adapted from real projects. We strongly believe that these goals were successfully completed by the new pricelist.
Summary of most significant modifications

Cancelling of D/E price categories

From the long term point of view, the concept of D/E prices was not utilized by most users and only increased the complexity of the pricelist. In the new pricelist, there is only a single price category (D) for all customers regardless on the purchase of the development license.

Detachment of license key price from license price

Based on the fact that the manufacturer of hardware keys (Sentinel) has significantly widened the portfolio of hardware keys usable with PROMOTIC SCADA, we have decided to detach the price of hardware key from the license price in order to let the customer choose the best suiting key type and also to take into account the different prices of each type of hardware keys. Therefore, in the new pricelist, the license keys are defined as individual items with corresponding prices.

Modification of runtime license limits of variable counts

At the time when the original PROMOTIC pricelist was published the average numbers of variables used in real applications were counted in hundreds. The PROMOTIC system has been usually used for smaller projects so the original limits of runtime licenses (100 and 250 variables) corresponded to reality. Since those days, the PROMOTIC SCADA went through fundamental technological development from both functionality and optimization for large projects points of view. Today, PROMOTIC applications counting hundreds of thousands of real variables are no exceptions. From this point of view, the original limits of variables are no longer relevant to current reality. In the new pricelist, the limits were modified accordingly:
PmRt100 : up to 100 variables – runtime for very small projects (with 70% discount on additional components; for development of application up to 100 no development license is needed)
PmRt50000 - PmRt50000 :
PmRtProf : more than 50 000 variables - runtime for very large projects with massive numbers of variables
Additional simplifications were implemented to multiple pricelist sections and items.
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