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In the previous chapters you have created three variables in the "BoilerPlant/Boiler1/Data" object, namely "Temperature", "Power" and "Status". You write a number generated in the script of the timer "Emul" every second into the "Temperature" object. You change and influence the value of the power by moving the slider of the PmgSliderBox object that you've placed in the window named "Panel".

Now run the application and open any Web browser. In the browser, enter the address "localhost" (or Enter only "User name" = "oper" in the login and confirm.

The Web browser can only display the content of the application that has been allowed to the Web, and the logged-in user has the appropriate permissions to do so. If you change the values in the local application, then the changes are also reflected in the Web browser and vice versa. If you stop the local application, then the following window will appear in the Web browser:

Note: "PmaPanel > Web server > Refresh error indication method" configurator allows to supress displaying of error message in the panel informing about communication failure with server.

Debugging of the displayed page can be done by clicking into it and then pressing the F12 key.

The application can be viewed on any device (with Web browser) that is connected to the same network as the application.
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