Adding the trend viewer

In order to view the progression of trended values it is necessary to create a new graphic panel first (the trend viewer can also be inserted into existing graphic panel, but we will not do it now). Also do not create the basic PmPanel object that must be configured fully manually. Use the preconfiguration designed for trend viewing instead:
In the application editor, in the "/BoilerPlant/Boiler1" folder create a new object: " / Panels (PmPanel) / Trends and function / Trends viewer".
After selecting this item the preconfiguration menu appears. In most cases it is not necessary to modify anything here, just use the preset values. Compile the created panel. You have just created a graphic panel that allows to display the trended data in your application.

Trend viewer setting

After application launch press the "Panels" button located in the upper toolbar. In the open window select "Panel Trends View" and confirm. The trend view panel opens but does not display any values at the moment, because you have not defined which values are to be displayed.
Viewer setting in runtime mode:

This configuration can be done in both development and runtime mode (running application). We will try the second option now:


Confirm the modifications by pressing the "OK" button.

You have just configured the trend viewer in order to display the progression of the variable – "Temperature of boiler no.1". You can use similar procedure in order to display the progression of other variables. At this moment you can add the "Power" variable.

After the variable is selected its settings are taken from the trend server. If you completed the parameter configuration of the variable in the development mode correctly (Display name, Minimum, Maximum, Unit, etc.), then it is not necessary to do it here again. Confirm the creation of a new trend. Follow the same procedure also for the "Power" variable. At this moment it would be necessary to complete this viewer configuration (variable selection) each time the trend viewer opens, therefore in the last step you will learn how to save your settings:

Press the setup button again and select the option "Save the configuration group". In the following setup window you can enter detailed setup description and in the field "Configuration name" enter the file name of the setup file. After confirmation the current setup of the trend viewer is saved into the defined file. Once the trend viewer panel opens, you can easily load the custom preset by presing the setup button and selecting "Load the configuration group", where you can select the desired trend viewer custom setup.
Viewer setting in development mode:

At this situation, it would be necessary to load the trend custom setup manually each time the trend viewer is opened. In order to bypass this step it is possible to configure the trend viewer directly in the development mode, so the trend viewer opens each time with the desired setup:


After confirmation of changes compile the panel


After this setup procedure the trend viewer always opens and displays the selected values automatically. The user can still load another trend viewer custom setup profile or configure the trend viewer differently.

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