Trending of variables

Now you can proceed to the final step of the trend configuration - definition of variablas that are to be trended:
- Go to the Data page in the "BoilerPlant/Boiler1/Data" object.
- Select the variable: "Temperature". Open the configuration window of this variable (by the Edit button or mouse doubleclick)
- Create a new data extension by the "Add" button and select: An extension for connection to the PmTrend object.
The Trend data extension configuration window opens now:
Target object (PmTrend): Use the button with three dots to display the list of PmTrend objects that are present in your application.
Trend identifier: Enter temp1 here. This way you have also defined the column name in the table where the variable is going to be saved.
Display name: Name of the variable that will be displayed for the user in running application. It may contain diacritics, spaces, etc. Enter "Temperature of boiler no.1" here.
Unit: The physical unit of the value, enter °C here. (press Alt + 0176 to get the degree character on English keyboard).
Color: You can press the colored button in order to choose the color of the variable to be used in the chart.
Leave the other items displayed in this window unaltered.
Confirm the modifications. You have just defined that the "Temperature" variable will be trended with the period of one second. You can now use similar procedure in order to trend the "Power" variable. After application launch, you can check the Data folder located in the application folder. You should find a trend folder there containing data file(s) of the *.dbf type. These files can be easily opened (viewed) in MS Excel.
After following the procedure described above, you have created the application that saves the values of "Temperature" and "Power" variables into a database table of the *.dbf type every second. In the following chapter you will learn how to display the saved data.
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