Adding PmaTrendGroup object

First create a new object "/ Basic / PmaTrendGroup - Trend group" in the editor of Pma objects in the "Boiler1" object.
In the open configuration window you will see the following queries:

The name of created object: Enter the Trend name here.
Group ID identifier: Because there may be multiple trends in the application, it is necessary to enter a unique identifier (name) of the trend here, in this case enter Boiler1tr.
User defined name of the group: Enter the text "Boiler no.1 trends" here. This text will be displayed to the application user in the trending variable selection window.
Storage type: You can define the format and saving procedure of the collected data here (e.g. dBase, Access, MS SQL, etc.). Leave this configurator unaltered for now.
Automatic saving after launch is enabled: Check this option in order to write the data to the database automatically immediatelly after starting the application.
Autosave period [s]: Enter the data trending period (frequency) here For our purposes enter the period of 1 second.

You have just enabled and configured automated data storage into the dBase database in the PROMOTIC system. You have defined where and how often the system saves the data. But so far you have not selected which variables to be stored by the trend system. There are basicaly two ways of defining which values are to be stored in trends:

1st By creating the variables in the PmaTrendGroup object on the "Data" tab
2nd By creating trend data extensions in the PmaData objects – this is the recommended procedure that will be described in the following text
PROMOTIC 9.0.21 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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