Creating the Dynamic Part of the application

Now you know how to define specific data variables (in the editor of Pma objects) and how to visualize these variables by connecting them with corresponding Pmg objects by data bindings (in the editor of Pmg objects).
In the following chapter you will learn how to use scripts in order to add dynamic into your application - vitalize it.

Usually it is often needed that the application does some specific action repeatedly every second, or that some defined action is triggered after pressing a key or clicking on a graphic button. Therefore we need to define an algorithm (script) that actually does something when something happens.

In some very simple cases it is possible to define the algorithm by clicking some configuration buttons. For example, some communication with outer sensors can be set in order to refresh the data.

The PROMOTIC system allows you to write algorithms in the JavaScript or VBScript programming language.
The main advantage of these languages is the possibility of using the objects – both JavaScript and VBScript are the object oriented languages. And because the PROMOTIC system is an object oriented system these languages are very natural for it.

Since version Pm9.0.0 it is possible to use both languages. Using the JavaScript language is recommended because it is much more modern.
Since version Pm8.2.0 it is possible to use the JavaScript language in events of Pmg objects. In events of Pma objects the VBScript language had to be used.
In versions older than PROMOTIC 8.2 only the VBScript can be used.
PROMOTIC 9.0.22 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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