Folders and files created automatically

Once the application is launched for the first time there are some new files and folders created in the application folder (e.g. "C:\Promotic\Apps\Tutorial").

Five new subfolders were created: Cfg, Data, Resource, DtBackup and Temp.

Note: Location and names of these folders can be changed - see the "Paths to system folders" configurator.

- The "Cfg" folder serves for storing configuration files of the application. Storing configurations for viewing trends and alarms to this folder is set by default (e.g. user's configuration of windows) but the designer can store there even other configuration files (e.g. *.ini).
- The "Data" folder is used for storing the runtime data. Storing data from trends and alarms to this folder is set by default, but the system can also store other files here.
- The "Resource" folder is used for storing additional graphic and multimedial files used in the application.
- The "DtBackup" folder is used for saving backups when applications are converted from older to newer versions, when saving the whole application (SaveAll) and as a folder for automatic periodical backups when writing into the PRA file.
- The "Temp" folder is used as path to the teporary files for both development environment and runtime.

Also new files were created. Except the file Tutorial.pra created earlier, there are now other files placed in the same folder:

- Tutorial.ini: this INI file of the application contains some settings for the development environment and for runtime environment.
- Tutorial.log: basic information about starting and running (start/end time, etc.) is written to this log file.
- Tutorial_Dt.log: this log file is used for logging the errors of the development environment.
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