The First Start of the application and Using an INFO system

In the previous steps you have created the static and visual part of the application. The application can now be launched from the development environment into runtime in two ways:

- press the button in the toolbar or
- press the F5 key.

In this moment the application is launched into Runtime but is also stil open in the development environment. Press the "Panels" icon in the toolbar in the running application in order to open the window with the list of application panels included into this list. In this case mark the window "Panel of Boiler no. 1" and press the "OK" button.

The Power and Temperature both indicate the value 0 because no data was written there. Use the slider to change the value "Power". The value "Power" can be entered also by text input: mouse doubleclick on the value to activate the value edit mode (the text field becomes yellow), enter the value and press Enter.

The usage of the INFO system:

It can happen (probably in more complex applications than this one is) that something in the application behaves differently than you intended. For example the value in the PmgNumber object does not change even if you are changing the position of the slider. It would be very handy to see what is the real current value of the "Power" variable and whether some error occured.

Exactly for this purpose, the so-called INFO system is used in the PROMOTIC system. It is a window allowing you to look inside the running application. This window can be opened by clicking the mouse on the "Info" icon in the toolbar, or by pressing the Ctrl-I keys. The INFO system window consists of three parts:

On the left there is a tree of items. For example:
Errors - here you can find all errors that have been detected by the system in the running application.
SYSTEM - here you can find some global system information, for example the application launch time, the PROMOTIC system version and many others.
PmaRoot - the root of information tree desribing the Pma objects can be found here. By sequential expansion of these objects (the same as in the editor of Pma objects) you can go inside untill you reach the "Data" object and there you can see the values of its variables "Power" and "Temperature" (Vars tab).

In the middle of the INFO system window there are tabs displaying the desired information.

On the right there is a set of the INFO system control buttons. The "Refresh" button can trigger data refresh on the active tab. It is very handy to use the autorefresh function of the INFO system that is activated by pressing the "Start" button.

Stopping the application:

If you have studied the INFO system and checked the desired information then you can close its window.
The application can be stopped as follows:
In runtime: press the "Stop" button in the toolbar or press Ctrl+S
In the development environment: press the button in the toolbar or press Shift+F5

The whole application can be stopped by clicking the "Stop" button in the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+S.
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