Up to now, you have used the basic Pma objects for creating your application. It is always necessary to configure these basic objects in detail in order to make them work correctly. In addition to this general procedure of configuring basic objects, there is another, much faster and easier way of developing your application, by using the prepared and preset objects and object groups - so-called preconfigurations.

The preconfiguration is represented by object or object group that are preset for a specific purpose. In the PROMOTIC system, you can find preconfigurations prepared for communication, for database usage, and also complete panels, for example for user management, displaying trends, input windows, reports, etc.


When inserting the preconfiguration into the application a configuration window opens wher the application designer can define important properties of current preconfiguration, for example the IP address of network device, data read/write period, etc. All objects created via the preconfigurations can always be reconfigured manually including those parameters that have been defined in the first step. The example of preconfigurations usage has been presented to you when you started to create the new application - you have selected one of the predefined basic application (workspace) layouts.


Inserting an object (or object group) by using the preconfiguration is similar to inserting a new basic object into the application:

- Click by the right mouse button on the "PmaRoot" object or on the "PmaFolder" and select "New object" item.
- On the left side of the configuration window select the corresponding preconfiguration group, for example "Communication", and the subgroup, for example " / Communication / S7 communication protocol".
- In the selected group select the desired preconfiguration (e.g. PmS7 - Simatic S7-1200 Ethernet - Communication set with data and panel).
- In the displayed configuration window set the desired parameters (e.g. Network address, TCP/UDP port number etc.).

By several mouseclics, you have just extended the functionality of your application by the communication with Simatic S7 1200 device. Similar procedure can be used for adding another communication protocols (e.g. Modbus communication protocol), the trend viewer window, or numeric/alphanumeric keyboard panel for touchscreens, etc.


As you can see, the preconfigurations can speed up and simplify the process of application development significantly. It is especially handy for applications that use standartized and repeated functional cores.

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