In the previous chapters you have created three variables in the "BoilerPlant/Boiler1/Data" object, namely "Temperature", "Power" and "Status". You write a number generated in the script of the timer "Emul" every second into the "Temperature" object. You change and influence the value of the power by moving the slider of the PmgSliderBox object that you've placed in the window named "Panel".

In real devices, the values of temperature, pressure, flow, speed, etc. are usually accessed via the PLCs. The PROMOTIC system is designed in order to comminicate with such devices - exchange the data.

There are several ways the computers communicate with the surrounding world. By the serial port, via network or by specific communication hardware cards, also by reding/writing the files or databases, etc.

From the PROMOTIC point of view, we can divide the communications into following types:
- communication via the communication drivers of the PROMOTIC system
- These drivers allow to communicate with devices connected via the computer's serial port or via Ethernet.
- If there is a communication driver available for your device, then we recommend using it, otherwise use for example the OPC communication
- The main advantage of such communication is the absence of any mediator between the device and the PROMOTIC system - it means that the communication setup is much easier and the communication itself is more reliable
- communication by OPC
- Communication between the PROMOTIC system and the OPC server is unified regardless if the communication between the OPC server and the device is done via the computer's serial port, via Ethernet or by means of special communication cards, etc.
- The main advantage of such communication is the fact that OPC servers are available almost for all PLCs on the market.
- The disadvantage of such communication is the necessity of purchasing/installation of the corresponding OPC server.
- communication via ActiveX objects
- Some manufacturers prefer not to provide OPC servers for their devices, but to use communication items in the form of ActiveX objects. The PROMOTIC application can use this type of communication for example with Johnson Controls, AMiT, etc.
- other communication methods - these options are mentioned here in order to give you the full overview, their description goes beyond the purpose of this coursebook
- Communication via DLL libraries

In the following chapters you wil learn:
- How to add and configure the PmaComm and PmaCommGroup objects, that allow communication via the selected communication protocol or by means of OPC communication.
- How to define the data extension that reads the values from the communication
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