Installation of the System PROMOTIC

The PROMOTIC system can be downloaded free of charge from the Web:
The installation file contains current version of the system including all standard communication drivers, safety components, Web server, etc., i.e. the complete installation software package.

Also a user that purchased no commercial licence can still use this system. The PROMOTIC system in such case runs as freeware: PmFree - Free development environment and a runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system. In this case the application size is the only limitation (number of variables), but all standard components and technologies (including the communication drivers) are fully functional allowing the designer to check out everything that is needed.

Installation of the System

Launching the installation file Promotic9xxyy.exe (downloaded from web) starts the installation process of the PROMOTIC system including the PmManager program. Follow the instructions of the installer program during the installation process.

The default installation path is "C:\Promotic", but it can be modified as needed. The following components are installed into the installation folder:

- configuration file \Promotic\PmCfg.ini
- into the folder \Promotic\PmVXXYY the corresponding version of the PROMOTIC system

Then the following foders are created:
- \Promotic\Apps (for storage of applications)
- \Promotic\GCfg (contains configuration files: utility PmManager, of the PROMOTIC system and other)
- \Promotic\GTemp (for temporary and LOG files)
- \Promotic\Licences (for SWK licence files)
- \Promotic\Tools (contains several tools of the PROMOTIC system)
- \Promotic\AppLib (for storage of designer preconfigured Pmg objects)

It is not recommended to install the PROMOTIC system into a standard folder Windows/Program Files (or any other folder containing a space in the name/path). A space in folder name may cause error while reading macro expressions.
The PROMOTIC system is always delivered as a installation file containing all components. Some system components are bound by licences, i.e. if the licence is not purchased by the user then these components run in limited mode PmFree.

When contacting the technical support always be ready to define the version number of of the PROMOTIC system that you are using (e.g. "PROMOTIC 9.0.23").
This version number is indicated in the development environment in the menu "Help > About".

If the installation (of the same version of the system) is launched repeatedly then it is possible to perform a Repair - fixing the current installation, or Remove - uninstalling the PROMOTIC system from your computer.
PROMOTIC 9.0.23 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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