Installation of the System PROMOTIC

The PROMOTIC system is supplied on CD-ROM discs or USB flash drives, but in the first place, it can be downloaded free of charge from the Web site:

There is the up-to-date version version of the system always available including all standard communication drivers, examples, safety components, Web server, etc., in the complete installation software package.
It is possible to use the PROMOTIC SCADA system based on the purchase of commercial license that allows the user to develop applications while using all system components with no limitation. In addition, the PROMOTIC system is also available as freeware: PmFree - Free development environment and a runtime license of the PROMOTIC system In this case the application size is the only limitation (the number of variables), but all standard components and technologies (including the communication drivers) are fully functional allowing the designer to check out everything that is needed.
Installation of the System
Start the installation of the PROMOTIC system by launching the Promotic8xxyy.msi file (from CD, flash disc, or Web). Then follow the instructions of the installer program.
The default installation path is "C:/Pm", but it can be modified as needed.
Note: We do not recommend installation of the PROMOTIC system into the standard folder /Program Files (or any other path containing a space). A space present in the folder name may cause an errero while reading macro expressions.
If the same installation is started repeatedly, then other options are displayed: "Repair" - option allows to fix the current installation, or "Remove" - uninstalls the PROMOTIC system from the PC.
PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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