Binary alarm of variables

Binary variable alarm setting by data extension:

- Select the "Data" tab in the "BoilerPlant/Boiler1/Data" object.
- Select the variable: "Status". Open the configuration window of this variable (by the Edit button or by left mouse button double-clicking)
- Create a new data extension by the "Add" button and select: ExtAlarmBinary.
- In the "Target object (PmaAlarmGroup)" configurator select (use the button with three dots) the previously created object of the PmaAlarmGroup type (the path to the object "/BoilerPlant/Boiler1/Alarms").
- In the "Alarm template" configurator keep the automatically created alarm template alarm0.
- Check the "Alarm description defined here (otherwise from template)" configurator and in the "Alarm description (desc)" configurator enter the alarm text, for example "Boiler no. 1 malfunction".
- As the Value type select 1 - defined bit and in the "Specifies the bit number to test" configurator select "2 - bit".

Confirm all changes by pressing the button .

You have just configured the application so it automatically checks the value of third bit of the Status variable (zero-based index) and if the value becomes 1 (true), then the alarm is triggered.
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