Script wizard

This window can be used to create portions of scripts and then insert these into the script editor.
This configuration window can be opened in the script editor (i.e. on the pages Events, Methods ..). Right mouseclick opens the local menu where the "Script wizard" item can be selected in order to open this window (/Basic control of script editor/Script wizard). Also the <Ctrl+W> shortcut can be used.
Wizard for item:
Object - path: Create path to PROMOTIC object
Object - reference: Create reference to PROMOTIC object by calling the method pMe.Pm
Object - property/method: Select property or method of PROMOTIC objectu
OpenView method: Entering parameters of the OpenView method - opening the PROMOTIC object viewer
Macro expression: Create and evaluate macro expression
Setting to variable: Statement for assigning the variable
Condition - If: Statement for If branching
Condition - Select/Switch: Statement for executing one command from the group
Loop - For: Statement for For cycle
Loop - Do: Statement for Do cycle
Color (RGB): Create string containing RGB valueof the color
Setting and viewing of selected item:
Preview: Resulting script overview
Description: Short description of selected wizard
Parameters: Parameters corresponding to selected wizard
Description of button functionality in the right portion of the window:
Insert to cursor position: The content of defined script is inserted into the editor to the cursor position.
Copy to clipboard: The content of defined script is inserted into the Windows clipboard for later use.
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