Script editor settings

This configuration window can be opened in the script editor (i.e. on the pages Events, Methods ..). Right mouseclick opens the local menu where the "Script editor settings" item can be selected in order to open this window.
Configuration items:
FontThe font that will be used in script editor can be selected here.
Display status barIf checked, then displays the bottom bar that shows the total number of code lines and also the current cursor position (row/char/column).
Display the numbers of rowsIf checked, then in each line the line number will be shown on the left.
Display tooltipsIf checked, then when the mouse cursor is held over the title, the description is displayed (method description, property description, etc.).
Enable autocompleteIf checked, then while writing the script the window is opened offering the possible autocomplete options (method name, property name, etc.).
Size of tabDefines the size of "tab" character. The default size is 4. The size of 4 is recommended because:
- It is a recognized standard in scripts
- The character "tab" always adds as many spaces to align the text with a size fold. Therefore the number 4 can be used for alignment very effectively.

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