Description of the "Warnings" item in the INFO system.

The content of the Warnings item can be viewed in the window of the INFO system. This item can be selected from the INFO items tree on the left side of the INFO window.
In the Warnings item, there is only one page so far, named Obsolete. On this page, the obsolete components used in the application are being displayed. Some of these obsolete components may not be functional in further PROMOTIC versions. The designer can transfer these obsolete components into new concepts.

Description of the "Obsolete" page

On this page, you can see the warnings regarding the obsolete PROMOTIC system components. If the designer is willing to upgrade to a higher PROMOTIC version, then it is necessary to transform the obsolete components to newer concepts. The content of this page is is filled in on application launch into the runtime mode, i.e. after presing the (Run application).
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