PmOPCClient - license for access to OPC interface

Basic information:

OPC is the standardized software interface determined for applications monitoring and controlling fast processes. The interface is of the client-server architecture.

In the PROMOTIC system there is available the common "connector" (the PmaOpcClient object) for the link-up to arbitrary OPC servers.

The most common using is the link-up of the PROMOTIC system to OPC communication servers of other producers. For example:

- OPC server for communication with Simatic devices: MPI, PROFIBUS DP, IE (Industrial Ethernet)
- OPC server for communication with Simatic devices of the S7-200 series by the PPI protocol
- OPC server for communication with Moeller devices
- OPC server for communication with ABB AC31 devices over the ARCNET communication interface
- OPC server for communication with Bernecker&Reiner
- Common OPC Kepserver for communication with PLC's of the type: GE Fanuc, OMRON Host Link.
- and many more

For the further information about the OPC interface, see Communication by OPC interface.

Trade terms:

Usage of the PmaOpcClient object is bound to the purchase of the PmOpcClient license. With the freeware version PmFree, or when developing the application (with development environment for tersting purposes), this component is always functional.

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