PmActiveX - licence for access to external ActiveX objects

Basic information:
The PROMOTIC system allows to link up to arbitrary (nongraphic) ActiveX objects (to use their methods, properties and events) by means of the PmaActiveX object and to use them fully in PROMOTIC applications.
By inserting the appropriate ActiveX objects into the PROMOTIC system it is possible to further extend its functionality. Inexhaustible amount of ActiveX objects are available on Web pages.

ActiveX objects examples used in the PROMOTIC system:
- ActiveX object for communication with Johnson Controls PLC devices.
- ActiveX object AtouchX for communication with AMiT PLC devices.

Trade terms:
The usage of the PmaActiveX object requires purchase of the "PmDllActiveX" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.

The usage of the Pmg object PmgActiveX is not licenced - it is free of charge. It has the following limitations in panels accessible from Web. The panel must be set to VBScript in the "Scripting language settings" configurator and can then be viewed only in InternetExplorer.
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