PROMOTIC version - configuration window

The window serves for setting the PROMOTIC version installation properties. Each installer can contain one or more PROMOTIC versions. During the installation the version is copied to the standard or named folder in the main folder of the PROMOTIC system (\Promotic). At the same time the version is registered in the version list of the PmManager program.
This configuration window can be opened on the "Tools and settings" tab > Installator manager.
Version identifierVersion identifier in the list of installer items.
PROMOTIC source versionPROMOTIC version to be added to the selected installer. Can be selected either a specific version registered in the PmManager program, or automatic selection of the version according to the selected application added to the installer.
Application identifierThe application identifier in the list of installer items. According to this application, the PROMOTIC version will be automatically selected and added to the installer. This configurator is visible only if in the "PROMOTIC source version" configurator the "Automatically according to the PROMOTIC system version number" option is selected.
Version target folder typeThe type of the PROMOTIC version target folder name that will be created in the main folder of the PROMOTIC system (\Promotic) during the installation.
Standard version - The folder with the standard name containing the PROMOTIC version number will be created (\PmVXXYY).
Named version - The folder will be created with a user name in the form \Pm_Name.
The name of the named versionUser name of the named PROMOTIC version.
Name of the target folder of the versionPreview of the resulting name of the target version folder.

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