Application management tab - allows adding, deleting and running PROMOTIC applications


(Run development environment) - Runs application in (previously) selected development mode:
- Development environment 32bit
- Development environment 64bit
- Development environment 32bit (read only)
- Development environment 64bit (read only)
(Run runtime) - Runs application in (previously) selected runtime mode:
- Runtime environment 32bit
- Runtime environment 64bit
(Convert) - Allows execution of application conversion to any of available higher versions of PROMOTIC
(Delete) - Delete selected application
Delete application from list
Delete application folder from disc
(Settings) - Allows adding keywords and a note to selected application for sorting purposes
(Add) - Adds new or existing application
Version - Displays a list of applications that are edited in selected PROMOTIC version
Keywords - Displays alist of applications that are identified by selected keyword

Application management table:

Displays a table list of managed applications and allows sorting by columns and application filtering
File name
Last open time
Last edit time
Run as
File path
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