Run - method of object PmTrend

The method saves all current values from the Data page with the current time, i.e. with the time of the computer at the moment of calling this method.
Run As Boolean
Return Values:
true - The request for writing the record into the archive was received successfully. The write operation itself will be completed later after this method is finished. In case of write failure the onError event is called.
false - The request for writing the record into the archive was not received successfully. The reason could be for example wrong storage setting. The onError event will not be called.

For calling the method with the specified time, see the RunTime method.

If the option Read only (new records cannot be written) is set, then the method isn't functional, i.e. it isn't possible to write into the trend archive.

If the Enable saving of variables on change setting is set, then the values storing is optimalized, i.e. each time this methosd is called there does not have to be a data saving.

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