Data saving into the file in the PROMOTIC format (Promotic binary file cyclic)

The window serves for setting the parameters for the data storage into a file in the PROMOTIC format. The data are saved into one file on a disk. The file size is constant and it is defined by the records count. If a new record is written into the file and the records count exceeds the file size, then the oldest record is removed and the new one is written. This walkthrough repeats all over again.

The variable name in Data page can be maximum 31 characters long (length of column name in disk file is limited).

Configuration items:
Data source (ConnectionString)Text string used for connection to the data source by using the PROMOTIC technology (not ADO). The same syntax is used in order to keep it simple.

Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the application is launching).

For example$.join("Data Source=",$.path("data","trend/"),$.expr("pMe.GroupId"),"/;") This configurator must not contain an empty string.
Data Source - Name of the *.ht file on the disk into which the data are stored.
Number of file recordsMaximum number of records in the file. If the records count exceeds this value, then the oldest record is always removed when writing new record. By this the number of records in the file is kept on the constant value.

The setting -1 defines unlimited file size enabling the file to grow beyond all limits. In this case, for example, the ClearHistory method can be used for archive contents deletion.

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