GetItemValue - method of object PmSequencer

By this method is it possible to find out values (the release time of the item, values of the Val1,2,3 variables) of the first or the last item that are located in the queue. Items are sorted in the queue according to the release time (i.e. the time from calling the onStep event). The first item is that released first. If the items have the same release time, then they are sorted according to the time when they were added (by the Add method).
GetItemValue(ItemType As Long, ValueType As Long) As Variant
val = oSequencer.GetItemValue(ItemType, ValueType)
ItemType(Long) Item type
0 - The first item in the queue
1 - The last item in the queue
ValueType(Long) Value type of the item
0 - Release time of the item
1 - Value Val1 of the item
2 - Value Val2 of the item
3 - Value Val3 of the item
We'll write data of items in the PmSequencer object that is in the application tree on the path "/Filler/Sequencer" into the Debug_info item of the INFO system. The data are: starting time of the first item and the Val2 value of the last item.
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Dim oSeq
Set oSeq = pMe.Pm("/Filler/Sequencer")
Pm.Debug "Sequencer FirstItem: time=" & oSeq.GetItemValue(0, 0)
Pm.Debug "Sequencer LastItem: Val2=" & oSeq.GetItemValue(1, 2)
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