Params - property of object PmPrinter

In the property the full description of the concrete printer is available in text form. It is possible to save the text, for example, to a disk and whenever then to set the object by this string. The property is meant, first of all, for setting the printer after the interruption (stop, shutdown of the computer) of the application run. The property is changed automatically, for example, by calling the SetPrinter method.
Params(nAttr As Variant) As String
oPrinter.Params(nAttr) = s
nAttr(Variant) Attribute specifies if the printer properties names or mode are read/set.
0 - the printer property names is read/set
1 - the printer property mode is read/set
Property access for read and write.
Saving the printer properties into the string
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Dim sNames, sMode
sNames = oPrinter.Params(0)
sMode = oPrinter.Params(1)
Reading the printer properties from the string
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oPrinter.Params(0) = sNames
oPrinter.Params(1) = sMode
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