Vars - method of object PmPanel

Returns reference to variable of the PmiRoot graphic item in this panel. See Variables of graphic item.

This method is obsolete (but functional). It is not advisable to modify the properties of graphic items directly from outside the panel. A better method can be used inside the panel - PmiItem.Vars.

This method/property/event is considered obsolete and is functional only if the Level of integration of panel viewer and the local application configurator is set to full - FULL access from scripts to the whole application (only for VBScript and if the Enable multiple opening of local panel configurator IS NOT SET.

Vars(sName As String) As Object
oPanel.Vars(sName).Value = x
sName(String) Name of the variable (case sensitive text)

These variables can be defined in the panel editor in the PmiRoot object on the Variables page.

See also:
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

'Setting the numeric value into the property of the types Double, Integer, Boolean, etc.
pMe.PmPanel.Vars("Numvar").Value = 100

'Setting the color into the Colorvar variable of the Color type.
pMe.PmPanel.Vars("Colorvar").Value = "#ff0000"  'color setting by RGB String

'Setting the font into the Fontvar variable of the Font type.
pMe.PmPanel.Vars("Fontvar").Value = "PmSmallBold"
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