Object PmPanel (User graphics)

See: PmPanel - Deatiled object description
The object represents an application window with a panel, where it is possible to visualize the data of the PROMOTIC system. The content itself of the graphic panel is created by means of the panel editor from graphic items that can bind to the application data by data bindings.
In the PmPanel object, multiple PmPanel can be planted (it is relevant if these additional objects are acting as auxiliary windows opened only from the window of this object). This object can be created in the PmRoot, PmFolder, PmPrototype and PmPanel objects. Multiple objects of this type can be created in such objects.
This object adopts properties and methods of object PmObject.
Properties and methods:
OpenView Opens viewer of another object
Print Printing the panel (or its part) o a printer or to the file
Obsolete properties and methods:
Arguments Input value for opening the panel
Close Close panel
Dx Panel width
Dy Panel height
Enabled Enable/disable the user's control of the whole panel
Focus Sets/gets whether the window has the focus
Items Reference to graphic item
OpenViewModal Opens viewer of another object in the modal window
PrintToBmp Saving the panel or its part into file *.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.gif or *.tif
Refresh Refresh panel
ReturnValue The output value on closing the panel
ScreenX X-coordinate of the left upper corner of the panel relative to the screen
ScreenY Y-coordinate of the left upper corner of the panel relative to the screen
ScrollX X-coordinate of the left upper corner
ScrollY Y-coordinate of the left upper corner
State The viewing mode of the panel
Title The panel title
Vars Returns reference to variable of the PmiRoot graphic item in this panel
ViewerType It gets whether the window is opened in the application or in Web browser
Visible Gets whether the window is visible
X X-coordinate of the left upper corner of the panel
Y Y-coordinate of the left upper corner of the panel
onClose Fires after closing the panel
onFocusIn Fires after the panel gets the focus (the panel becomes active)
onFocusOut Fires after the panel gets lost the focus (the panel leaves to be active)
onKeyPress Fires for the active panel on pressing or releasing a key
onMousePress Fires on pressing or releasing the mouse button
onOpen Fires after opening the panel
onRefresh Fires after the panel is refreshed
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the object in the XML form
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Methods Definition of designer's methods of the object
Panel Basic panel settings
Permissions Object permissions
Web server The link-up of the object to the Web server
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