onOpen - event of object PmPanel

The event fires after opening the panel (after the panel has been read into the memory), for example by the OpenView method.

If, for example, the panel has been opened before and only now it is switched to the panel (e.g. by the selection from the panel list from PROMOTIC the main menu in the runtime mode or by a script), then the panel is activated (it gets the focus), this event not fires but the onFocusIn event fires instead.

This method/property/event is considered obsolete and is functional only if the Level of integration of panel viewer and the local application configurator is set to full - FULL access from scripts to the whole application (only for VBScript and if the Enable multiple opening of local panel configurator IS NOT SET.

Instead of this event it is better to use the PmiRoot.onPanelStartEnd event.

pMe(Object) Reference to the PROMOTIC object where the event rises.
pEvent(Object) A referrence to object describing detailed information about the specific event.

The pEvent parameter is not used here because this event does not need any additional information.

See also:
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