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The PmPanel object is suitable for creating windows, with content that is periodicaly updated (for example displaying current values). For windows containing large ammounts of figures without the need of quick updating (e.g. daily reporting) the PmReport object can be used. Some simpler window can be created by using the special methods, see Pm visualization methods.
The PmPanel object can also automatically generate its graphic data into dynamic HTML pages (made during compilation of the panel) and offer these pages to Web clients - see the chapter Web panels. Offering Web pages can be enabled on the page PmPanel > Web server.

The client requiring data from this Web component is type of "PmWebClient" from the license point of view.

The panel window can be displayed in the workspace (in the PmWorkspace object), opened in independent window, it can also act as modal window, or it can be displayed in graphic item (in the PmiWFrame item) in another panel.

The window is by default opened by the OpenView method (see also Object viewer open). This method can be called for example in the panel button and it is functional for both local and Web applications (i.e. when the method is called for example in the Web panel button).

The PmPanel object exists constantly, while the panel window (with graphic content) in local application may or may not be open (exist). If the Enable multiple opening of local panel configurator is set, then even multiple panel windows of the same PmPanel object may be open simultaneously.
If the Level of integration of panel viewer and the local application configurator is set to client - LIMITED access from scripts to the PmPanel object and Pm object (recommended setting), then the panel window itself is isolated from the rest of the application. It is not possible to access the window from application by script directly and vice versa. All changes and actions in the open panel window must be executed by active panel graphic content (graphic items) that can use the means for communication with the application itself (data bindings, panel/global methods). This mode allows opening panel window in Web browser on another computer and also multiple panel windows of the same PmPanel object simultaneously in local app.
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