Object Var (Variable)

See: Var - Deatiled object description
The Var object represents one data variable of the PROMOTIC object. Such variable holds more information in itself (value, name, index, etc.), and so it is represented by the object. Then the object has got this information as its properties.
Properties and methods:
Owner Reference to the Var object owner in the application tree
Bit Value of one bit of the variable
Extension Data extension access
ChangedOnLastWrite Flag showing if value was changed by last writing
Index Index of the variable in the object
Name Name of the variable
Note Note of the variable
Quality Quality of the variable value
TimeChange Time of last writing into the variable that changed value
TimeWrite Time of last writing to the variable
Unit Physical unit of the variable (only for PmData and PmTrend)
Value Value of the variable
ValueBeforeChange Last value before changing value to current
Configuration pages:
Variable Setting the property of one variable
Data binding configuration Definition of the data binding of the variable to another value
Multi items adding Multiple definition of new variables
List of subobjects:
Data extensions The data extensions are PROMOTIC system components, extending the basic functionality of Var data items (variables). Each data extension type is used for specific purpose (e.g. limit excess alarm, OPC server or PmComm object connection, trends, etc.).
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