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See: Object Var
Var object represents one data variable of the PROMOTIC object. Such variable holds more information in itself (value, name, index, etc.), and so it is represented by the object. Then the object has got this information as its properties. Var variable can be created in objects: PmData, PmOpcClientData, PmCommData, PmTrend, PmCommMsg.
In the script Var variables can be obtained following ways:
Following objects PmData, PmCommData, PmOpcClientData, PmTrend: The variables of these objects are located in the Data page.
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'using the Item property of these objects, for example
Set oTemperature2 = pMe.Pm("/Data").Item("Temperature2")

'or directly by the Pm method with the #vars identifier, for example
Set oTemperature2 = pMe.Pm("/Data/#vars/Temperature2")
For PmCommMsg object: This object has got two groups of variables located in the Data-sent and Data-received pages.
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'using the WriteVars and ReadVars properties, for example
Set oSnd1 = pMe.Pm("/PmComm/PmCommMsg").WriteVars.Item("Snd1")
Set oRcv4 = pMe.Pm("/PmComm/PmCommMsg").ReadVars.Item("Rcv4")

'or directly by the Pm method with the #sndvars and #rcvvars identificators, for example
Set oSnd1 = pMe.Pm("/PmComm/PmCommMsg/#sndvars/Snd1")
Set oRcv4 = pMe.Pm("/PmComm/PmCommMsg/#rcvvars/Rcv4")
Data extensions: The Var variable directly contains only basic functionality (most important common properties). The basic functionality of the Var variable can be extended by adding one or multiple data extensions. Each data extension is then contained in the Var variable in form of a subobject (e.g. ExtAlarmAnalog, ExtComm, ...), accessible by Var.Extension or by #ext identifier.
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