Object ExtEvent

An extension of the Var variable of the PmData object for the connection to the PmAlarmEvent object for automated generation of events.
Format of saving the data extension as string:

The contents of complete data extension (all configurators) can be saved as a single string. See Format of saving the data extension as string .


Caution!In order to create user defined event description (desc) can be used Macro expression, that is evaluated with EVERY activation of such event. Macro expression $.expr allows to access the script interface of the data extension via the pDE variable. The pDE.Var property enables to access the Var object. This way it is possible to create an event description that may be different with each activation and may even contain a name, current value of a variable, etc. (pDE.Var.Name, pDE.Var.Value). See examples.
Properties and methods:
Alarm Making available the PmAlarmEventItem object
ClassName Name of data extension type
Var Making available the Var object
Configuration windows:
ExtEvent Data extension configuration
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