Data extension configuration: ExtComm

Data extension configuration ExtComm - An extension for connection to the PmCommData object
Configuration items:
Data extension identifierSystem text (without spaces and diacritics). It is used for unambiguous identification of data extension in data item (e.g. for Extension property).

The default value is "comm".

Target object (PmCommData)Path to the target object of appropriate type, in which the data item must be registered. The object can also be selected by the button on the right.By this selection the communication type, refresh rate and other parameters defined in PmCommData object can be defined.

Macro expression can be used for input, the result must bea NON-LOCALIZED path to PROMOTIC object (it is evaluated while the application is launching).

ItemIDText address/identifier of the variable for the corresponding communication type. The address can be entered either manually or it can be selected from the selective window that can be opened by the button right from the input.

This configurator sets the initial value of the property ItemId.

Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated while the application is launching).

Value recalculationIf checked, then the received and sent value will be recalculated by the PmValue = k/d * CommValue + q formula, where PmValue is the value in the PROMOTIC system, CommValue is the value from the communication, k,d,q are the recalculation constants defined in the configurator.

The conversion is applied also when sending the value. Then the inversion conversion is done according to the expression CommValue = d/k * (PmValue - q).

Caution: Vhen sending the value with conversion, some inaccuracy may happen and so the PmValue sent could differ from the PmValue received. For example for the conversion of PmValue = 1000 * CommValue and if CommValue is the value on 1B (Range 0-255), then when sending the PmValue=2008 the CommValue=2 is sent. If the CommValue=2 is received, then the PmValue will be 2000.

This configuration window can be opened from Data extensions configurator in the variable of the PmData object.
This data extension registrates itself automatically into the PmCommData object after application launch. Therefore it is not needed to create the requested item at page PmCommData > Data! If all items in the PmCommData object are of the "Data extension" type, then the PmCommData > Data page may remain empty.
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