Object ExtAlarmAnalog

An extension of the Var variable of the PmData object for the connection to the PmAlarmEvent object for alarm the overruning the defined limits of the analog value.

Two upper and two lower limit values exceeding can be alarmed using this data extension. The first (high/low) limit is usually called the "technological limit", the second is called "device limit". Each limit watching can be activated separately, but there is in fact no sense to enable the second limit without enabling the first.

Format of saving the data extension as string:

The contents of complete data extension (all configurators) can be saved as a single string. See Format of saving the data extension as string .


Properties and methods:
ActLim Returns the flag indicating which limit is currently active
Alarm Making available the PmAlarmEventItem object
ClassName Name of data extension type
Max1 Value of the high limit 1
Max2 Value of the high limit 2
Min1 Value of the low limit 1st
Min2 Value of the low limit 2nd
RefreshState Alarm status evaluation
Var Making available the Var object
Configuration windows:
ExtAlarmAnalog Data extension configuration
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