Call - method of object PmModem

Dialing the telephone number by the modem
Call(PhoneNumber As String, Timeout As Long) As Boolean
oModem.Call PhoneNumber, Timeout
PhoneNumber(String) Telephone number that has to be dialed by the modem. The number needn't be entered with the prefix of the outer line if this is defined in the Dialing properties of the modem configuration in the OS Windows. The value needn't be of the String type, the VBScript performs automatic conversion from another data type to the String type.
Timeout(Long) Ringing time length in seconds. If the other party doesn't answer the phone by then, and doesn't establish the modem connection, then the modem hangs up.
Return Values:
true - If the impulse to dial the number was performed successfully
false - If the impulse wasn't successful (no message from the above mentioned will be sent).
The method itself doesn't wait for the connection, it only gives the impulse to dialing. Before calling the method the modem must be in the Idle state (see Modem states).
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