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Modem selection and parameters.
Configuration items:
PmComm objectPath to the PmComm object in the application tree. The PmModem is automatic connected to this object after the telephonic connection is established. The path can be entered dynamically by calling the SetPmComm method. The path must be entered including the object name.
Modem addressIf only one modem is installed on PC, then the address is 0 by default. If more modems are installed on PC, then the corresponding number of PmModem objects can be used, whereas each of them has to have different address. This is defined by the index to the list of installed modems (e.g. the first installed modem has the address 0, the second 1, etc.).

The path can be selected using the Right button. A complete list of all installed modems in OS Windows is displayed. The modems listed with addresses (in brackets) represent drivers that cannot be used for communication.

RegimeSpecifies modem regime to be used
0 = For calling (Call) and for waiting for call (WaitForCall) - The Call and WaitForCall methods can be used.
1 = For calling (Call) only, WaitForCall is not used. - The WaitForCall method cannot be used. In this mode the object is not the only owner of the phone, therefore it is possible for others to call and to receive calls.
Delay after connect or hangupThe delay (in seconds) between the telephone receiver pickup and triggering the onConnect event (similar for hanging the phone and calling the onHangUp event). The delay setting is important, because the modem is usually not ready to transmit the data immediately after the telephone receiver is picked up. The default value is 2 sec.
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