Object PmDll (Dll)

See: PmDll - Deatiled object description

The object serves for accessing functions in DLL libraries quite independently on the PROMOTIC system.

By this object it's possible, for example, to make use of IO cards drivers that are supplied by the producers of Microsoft Windows family operation systems exactly in the form of shared dynamically linked libraries (further only DLL libraries).

The PROMOTIC system can be effectively extended by its own DLL libraries. For creation of the DLL libraries it is necessary to use a tool that allows the creation of these libraries - for example Microsoft Visual C++.

No other PROMOTIC objects can be created in this object. This object can be created in the PmRoot, PmFolder and PmPrototype objects. Multiple objects of this type can be created in such objects.

Usage of the PmDll object requires purchase of the PmDLL license. With the freeware version PmFree, or when developing the application (with development environment for tersting purposes), this component is always functional.

This object adopts properties and methods of object PmObject.
Properties and methods:
Fce Reference to the object accessing functions from the DLL libraries
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the object in the XML form
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Dll Configuration of the PmDll object
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