RemoveRow - method of object PmDataTable

The method removes a row (or more rows) on the specified position. Existing rows after this position are moved.
RemoveRow(Row As Long, [Count As Long]) As Long
oDataTable.RemoveRow row, count
Row(Long) Number of the row from which the rows has to be removed.

The value >=0 means that it is the row index (zero-based index).

The value -2 means that Count rows has to be removed from the end of the table.

Count[optional] (Long) The number of removed rows. The default value is 1.
Return Values:
Returns the index of the first removed row. It returns the negative number if an error occurred (the row has not been removed). Then the error is written into the INFO system.

"Read only" columns:

If any cell is locked in "Read only" column by writing non-empty value, then the the whole structure of the table is locked. Then it is no longer possible to add or remove rows or columns or change the structure of the table. The structure and dimensions of the table must be defined and modified before writing first non-empty value into a cell in "Read only" column.

See also:
In the object "/Data/Params" (of the PmDataTable type) the following operations proceeds:
- The first row is removed (the row with the index 0)
- Five rows from the end of the table are removed
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim oDataTable
Set oDataTable = pMe.Pm("/Data/Param1")
oDataTable.RemoveRow 0
oDataTable.RemoveRow -2, 5
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