onBeginOfTransfer - event of object PmCommMsg

The event fires always before transmitting the Master message starts. It is fired right after the Run method. The Run method can be called in the script or automatically, if the AutoRunEnabled property is enabled.
pMe(Object) Reference to the PROMOTIC object where the event rises.
pEvent(Object) A referrence to object describing detailed information about the specific event.

The pEvent parameter is not used here because this event does not need any additional information.

The event fires only for Master messages (i.e. if the Message type configurator is set to Master). In this event, it is possible for example to fill the transmitted data on the Data-sent page.
The transmitted data will be filled with 3 variables from the PmData type object in the boiler room.
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Dim oData
Set oData = pMe.Pm("/BoilerPlant/Data")
pMe.WriteVars.Item("Temperature").Value = oData.Item("Temperature1").Value
pMe.WriteVars.Item("Power").Value = oData.Item("Power1").Value
pMe.WriteVars.Item("Pressure").Value = oData.Item("Pressure1").Value
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