RegisterNew - method of object PmAlarmEvent

The dynamic creation of a new alarm/event item (the PmAlarmEventItem object) in the inactive and acknowledged state (green). The method returns the reference to the created alarm/event item. The reference can be obtained also by calling the Item method.
RegisterNew(sId As String, sIdCopy As String, [sSource As String], [sDesc As String]) As Object
oAlEv.RegisterNew sId, sIdCopy, sSource, sDesc
sId(String) The unique text identifier of the new alarm/event item. This identifier is used for calling methods, for example: Activate, Inactivate, Acknowledge, Item, etc.
sIdCopy(String) The unique text identifier of an alarm/event item of template type (see the configurator "Template for dynamically created items"), whose configuration is used.
sSource[optional] (String) The specification of the source of an alarm/event item. It enables to the user to sort and filter alarm/event items in the viewer in the running application according to the specified source. If not set, then the template value is used.
sDesc[optional] (String) The description itself of the alarm/event item. The basic text of the alarm/event item that is displayed in the viewer in the running application. If not set, then the template value is used.
Return Values:
Returns the reference to the newly created alarm/event item of the PmAlarmEventItem type. In case of an error, it returns the value Nothing (probably the item with the set Id already exists). Nothing value can be tested by VBScript Is operator.
See also:
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Dim oAlItem
Set oAlItem = oAlEv.RegisterNew("T1_HI", "HI", "Boiler", "T1 over high limit")
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