Inactivate - method of object PmAlarmEvent

Alarm item inactivation (inactivation of PmAlarmEventItem object).
Inactivate(sId As String, [tTimeOff As Date])
oAlEv.Inactivate sId, tTimeOff
sId(String) The unique text identifier of the alarm/event item. See the configurator "Identifier".
tTimeOff[optional] (Date) Inactivation time. If not set, then the computer current time is used.
Calling the Inactivate method over the inactive alarm has no effect. An active alarm is inactivated. The behaviour of the alarm during the inactivation is specified by the Inactivate type configurator.

If there are several instances of the alarm/event item with the same identifier (caused by states of alarm/event items inactive unacknowledged (blue)), then the last, the latest old alarm/event item is inactivated.

After the attempt to inactivate non-existing alarm/event item (wrong parameter sId), an error occurs in the INFO system only if in the corresponding PmAlarmEvent object there is no alarm/event item with the set configurator Template for dynamically created items (i.e. all alarm/event items of the PmAlarmEvent object are statically configured).

It is irrelevant for events (relevant only for alarms).

The method is synchronous, i.e. it is processed immediately by the alarm subsystem. Nevertheless writing the history to disk is asynchronous, it means that this method passes the request for writing to the history to the alarm subsystem, it is placed into the queue of requests and it is processed later by the alarm subsystem.

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oAlEv.Inactivate "T1_HI"
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