Activate - method of object PmAlarmEventItem

Alarm/event item activation.
Activate([sComment As String], [tTimeOn As Date])
oAlEvItem.Activate sComment, tTimeOn
sComment[optional] (String) The text note that is stored into the data together with the activated alarm/event item (it is enabled on the Storage page).
tTimeOn[optional] (Date) The activation time of the alarm. If not set, then the computer current time is used.
Calling the Activate method over the active alarm has no effect. An inactive alarm is activated. The behaviour of the alarm during the activation is specified by the Inactivate type configurator. If the alarm is activated without parameters, then the simplier way can be used by writing the value true to the Active property.

The method is synchronous, i.e. it is processed immediately by the alarm subsystem. Nevertheless writing the history to disk is asynchronous, it means that this method passes the request for writing to the history to the alarm subsystem, it is placed into the queue of requests and it is processed later by the alarm subsystem.

VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim oAlItem
Set oAlItem = oAlEv.Item("Temperature")
oAlItem.Activate "max"
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