Object PmAlarmEventItem (Alarm/event item)

Alarm/event item.
Properties and methods:
AckerId Identification of the user making alarm acknowledgement
Acknowledge Alarm item acknowledgement
Acknowledged Specifies whether alarm is acknowledged or not
Activate Alarm/event item activation
Active Specifies whether alarm is active or inactive
Area Marking area of alarm/event item
Comment Alarm/event item comment
Description Alarm/event item description
Enabled Enable/disable of alarm/event item
Extension Alarm item data extension access
Id Identifier of alarm/event item in group
Inactivate Alarm item inactivation.
OwnerGroup Object that owns alarm/event item
Priority Priority of alarm/event item
QuitSound Termination of currently active sound signal of the alarm item
SetState Alarm item state change
SoundMode The way of sound indication of an alarm items state.
Source Marking source of alarm/event item
TimeAck Acknowledge time
TimeOff Inactivation time
TimeOn Activation time
UserNote Alarm/event item user note
Configuration pages:
Alarm/event item Alarm/event item
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