Object AdoRecordset (ADO Recordset)

Object ADO Recordset represents a set of records. It is an object implemented from the ADO technology by the Microsoft company. Only the most important properties and methods will be included into this PROMOTIC documentation. The exact description of the see object interface or
The Recordset object: The AdoRecordset object represents the resulting data of SQL query. The data may consist of arbitrary number of records, where each record of the corresponding AdoRecordset object has the same structure (the AdoField objects). The data is represented by a table, where each record corresponds to a row and the columns consist of the AdoField objects.
Current record: One of the records can be selected as current record (cursor). It is the one record that is currently being worked with. A wide set of operations refer to the current record. In order to move the current record cursor within the AdoRecordset object many methods can be used, for example MoveFirst, MoveNext, etc. There can be only one selected current record in the AdoRecordset object, or there can be none. When moving through the records one by one (forward or backward), the MoveNext (forward) method can be used (or MovePrevious backward method), finaly the current selected record will get to the position of last (first) record and the move ends there. The EOF (BOF) property are used for indicating that the cursor reached the end (beginning) of the recordset.
ADO Record object:

Depending on the specific ADO Provider it is possible, that a single row SQL query result will not be returned as AdoRecordset object containing a single record, but as a AdoRecord object (represents the single row). Není to ale typické pro nejběžněji užívané ADO Provider. The AdoRecord object is usually returned by explicit operations, when the specific AdoRecord is returned from the existing AdoRecordset object. The AdoRecord object consists of multiple AdoField objects, similar as the AdoRecordset object. The difference is that the methods for moving the position of current record are not supported (e.g. MoveFirst). In order to keep the documntation simple, it will be referred only to the commonly returned object AdoRecordset, although in some special cases the system may also return the AdoRecord object.

Properties and methods:
AddNew Begin of the edit mode for adding a record
BOF Indicates that the current record position is before the first record in a AdoRecordset object
CancelUpdate End of the edit mode of the record, canceling changes
Delete Deleting a record in the AdoRecordset object
EditMode Indicates the editing status of the current record (ADO EditModeEnum value)
EOF Indicates that the current record position is after the last record in a AdoRecordset object
Fields Returns Collection object which contains AdoField objects
Find Searches a AdoRecordset for the row that satisfies the specified criteria
GetRows Copies multiple records of a AdoRecordset object into an 2-dimensional array
Move Move the current record position in the AdoRecordset by the specified number of records
MoveFirst Move the current record position to the first record in the AdoRecordset
MoveLast Move the current record position to the last record in the AdoRecordset
MoveNext Move the current record position to the next record in the AdoRecordset
MovePrevious Move the current record position to the previous record in the AdoRecordset
Pm_LastErr The numeric error code of the result of last executed method (property) over the AdoRecordset object
Pm_LastTextErr The text description of the result of last executed method (property) over the AdoRecordset object
RecordCount Returns the number of records in the AdoRecordset object
Requery Complete data read in the AdoRecordset object
Resync Refreshing the existing data in the AdoRecordset object
State Indicates whether the AdoRecordset object is open, closed, connecting, executing or retrieving data
Update End of the edit mode of the record, writing changes
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