Object PmgMeterPane (Panel meter with title)

This object is obsolete (but functional). It is better to use the PmgCanvas object and its preconfiguration Preconfiguration "Circular masuring device".
The object serves for displaying the value of the measured variable by the analog panel meter (by the finger with scale).
This object is not functional in Web panels. See Web panels.
This object adopts properties and methods of the PmgPane object.
Properties and methods:
Value Value shown by the deviation of the panel meter finger
ValueMax Value of the high limit
ValueMin Value of the low limit
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the Pmg object in the XML form
Position Setting the position, width and height of the Pmg object
Variables List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of designer's method of the Pmg object
Panel Setting the background area of the Pmg object
Scale Settings for displaying the meter scale
Ranges Setting technological and instrumental ranges
Meter Meter properties.

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmiPanelMeter -> PmgMeterPane
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